Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/7/15 Games & Hand Scans

We started off our class talking about perception, specifically, the difference between a 'lack, pain & struggle' belief system and one of 'joy, ease & abundance'. Our meditation was on seeing the 'contract of the first belief system torn up & destroyed, then beginning anew in joy, ease and abundance.

Teacher Nalani put together a great quiz for us on a slideshow. The pictures were beautiful, and it was fun for us to know many of them right off, and it was fun to see some new pictures too! There were 3 hints with each plant picture, to remind us of some of their great uses and attributes.

In pairs, students played tictactoe with groups of oils which they smelled and read about for each one they played.

A Zyto Compass hand scanner was set up and the students each experienced it (similar to biofeedback). I can email the results out in the next few days.

Please send a picture of your child in to Leiloni today! (We forgot to get a class picture. I did get Sydney.)

Also, please remember keychain payments!

Thank you!
Teacher Liesl

Monday, May 4, 2015

4/30/15 3rd to last day in class!

We've had fun talking about bubbles this semester! After discussing how we can always imagine a protective bubble around us wherever we go (whether it's like Violet's in The Incredibles, or the travelers' in Oz, or we just envision our own around us - even having angels 'zip up' the back), we've realized other bubbles are around us. In a previous week, we talked about what the earth would look like without its bubble (the atmosphere), and this week, we talked about the physical bubble the womb makes for us as we're developing fetuses. See if you can discover any others!

Everyone was able to choose any oil they wanted, out of all available, for our meditation. Then we got comfortable and listened to a song. The song addressed a question we all have at some time or another: why doesn't God do something to alleviate the suffering around us? The answer: He did! He created us! We discussed this some, talking about what we can do to help others. We began to discuss a phrase in the song that wonders if we've become "angels of apathy"... we didn't get very far there before too many distractions pulled us into something else. Try discussing that with your child!

We spent the rest of class time making and creating - just what that was, parents will have to wait and see. I have to say, that was the first time I tried the recipe and I am impressed! I want to give more details, but to protect the secret, I'll have to just say that it worked very well!

3 things I'd like to give reminders about:

Please remember to tightly close lids when you open bottles in class (my car was very fragrant all Thursday evening and into the next day; I don't think it was just the sample we tried in class!)

Please bring the small portion to cover the cost of your keychain (all other materials are out of my pocket, including the oils that are going into the keychains!)

Please leave personal electronics for time outside of class, and FOCUS (we only have less than 2 hours together left and lots of things to fill the time with!)

This has been a fun class for me!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/23/15 Clary sage, lavender, peppermint, rosemary

After choosing an oil for today, we imagined traveling and coming back in our meditations, and diseases being banished from our bodies.

We watched short videos on lavender and peppermint, and heard a little bit about rosemary and clary sage from

We had a "tea" of hot water, honey, and lavender, lemon and peppermint, and another with just peppermint.

We filled some of our keychain vials, as this is our last class of introducing oils. 3 more to go, with some fun activities planned!

Please send $3.72 with your student for the keychain. Thank you!

4/9/15 fennel, cilantro, coriander

We had some new music for our meditation and some patchwork ideas for our visualizations.

We saw what fennel looks like - a bulb with stalks & feathery tops - and tastes like!

We had some (not quite done, sorry!) kidney beans & brown rice with cilantro, some honey caramel with fennel (can taste like black licorice), and deviled eggs with the coriander.

Students filled out a chart with some information they wanted to remember about these 3 oils, that they learned from websites and boo.

Time flew by!

4/16/15 Basil, oregano, thyme, marjoram

Our meditation this week was listening to a Depok Chopra track.

We took some time to discuss petrochemicals, free radicals and antioxidants. We covered where they come from, what their in, and what they can cause to happen in our bodies.

We had some basil and thyme leaves to feel and to smell. Some placed the wide basil leaves on their foreheads, and felt its cooling properties. We tasted oatmeal with thyme leaves and thyme oil, millet with basil leaves and basil oil, oatmeal with marjoram oil and millet with oregano.

The time flew by this week!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today we chose between Geranium, Lemongrass or Vetiver to put on our palms.

We based our meditation around being in Oz-like protective bubbles and domes, and reframing our birth experience so that an easy, graceful, joyful birth = easy, graceful, joyful life!

After looking in our books (where we found beautiful pictues of geraniums, and a couple of fun tidbits for each oil), we each read aloud a line or 2 about geranium. It is a great one for skin and hair, so many people have added it to their lotions & toners, shampoos & conditioners, or made their own.

We saw a video each about sourcing Lemongrass in India, and Vetiver in Haiti.

Lemongrass, with its citrol content, is a great insect repellent. It can also soothe aches & pains, and help the digestive system.

Can you remember which fact below matches which oil video? (See if I remembered any incorrectly, or if you could add other factoids!)

  • It takes 5 men 15 days to harvest enough material for one gallon of this essential oil. 
  • People here would walk 3 miles to get 1 gallon of water (unsafe for drinking). 
  • It takes 5-7 days to harvest a 100-acre farm.
  • Rains make it grow faster.
  • It can be harvested every 60 days.
  • There was a farmer's cooperative meeting together.
  • It is carried down off the mountain on their heads.
I hope to hear from you!
Have a great Spring Break!